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Kylie Ward


Wedding Sparrow Feature – Jardin de Fleurs 2019 All About Romance Collection

Jardin de Fleurs – The 2019 collection for the modern bride a dreamer and romantic at heart.

Flowers continue to be at the forefront of all my designs. Every element is inspired by a love of nature and we combine this with the magic of France to set the collection amidst the grandeur of Chateau de Carsix and the gorgeous jardin de Brécy. The elegant architecture and enchanting gardens nestled in the ancient province of Normandy provide a sublime backdrop for our veils and adornments.

For this collection we have created delicate flowers in full bloom with soft ivory petals set amongst warm inviting golds and antique silvers to bestow an added touch of old world. Buttery soft silk tulle veils embellished with hand pressed silk petals and touches of pearl cabochons provide an enchanting finishing piece to add to a romantic bridal look.

Each piece is handcrafted in our studio to showcase a passion for handmade pieces with meticulous attention to detail.

Vendor details

Veils & Adornment: All About Romance Veils & Adornments | Photography: Mariel Hannah Photography | Styling & Design Concept: Reagan Lauren | Hair & Makeup: Onorina Jomir Makeup & Hair Artist | Floral designs: Floresie | Gowns: Delphine Manivet and Katyakatya London | Model: Maryska | Paper Goods: Julie Ha Calligraphy | Locations: Chateau de Carsix and Jardin de Brecy

Vigne de Clematite Flowering Bridal Hair Vine

Le Lily Golden Bridal Comb

ADRIAN Gold Chantilly Lace Mantilla Veil

ADRIAN Mantilla Veil

ARWEN Fine Tulle Blusher Veil

Vigne de Fee floral bridal vine

All About Romance Jardin de Fleurs Collection 2019

All About Romance Jardin de Fleurs Collection 2019

All About Romance Jardin de Fleurs Collection 2019
Jardin de Brecy